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Toyota Women campaign


This campaign serves as a heartfelt appreciation to women for their significant contributions to enriching our lives. It begins by highlighting the importance of relying on and trusting women, emphasising their value and reliability. The expression of gratitude is extended to women, acknowledging their vital role and their positive impact on society.

Specifically designed for International Women’s Day, the campaign presents an illustrated work as a symbolic gesture. It aims to capture and celebrate the uniqueness of women’s life choices, showcasing how different Toyota cars align with various women’s lifestyles. From adventurous SUVs to eco-friendly hybrids, the campaign highlights the diverse range of options available to women.

Toyota Al-Sayer recognises itself as a consistent factor amidst the diversity of these choices, signifying that women can confidently rely on the brand. The campaign emphasises that the trust placed in Toyota is well-founded, assuring women that it will always uphold its commitment to support and serve them.


March 8 2023



Outdoor Campaign, TVC


Toyota Kuwait

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