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McDonald's Seafood Festival

McDonald’s always had a unique presence in Kuwaiti’s hearts and minds. But one day, those beloved loyal customers woke up to find that their favorite Filet O’ Fish was taken off the menu, GONE! McDonald’s seafood lovers were heartbroken over the removal of the Filet O’ Fish. Within hours, social media blew up with posts saying goodbye but thousands more demanding the return of the sandwich. As much as this was “cute” it was also heartbreaking for the target and the brand as it took its toll on brand affinity.

Aiming to reclaim its place in the hearts of Kuwaitis, we had to act fast and act smart! So, how can McDonald’s gain back the love of the seafood lovers and make them forget the pain caused by its disappearance in a short time?

Simple, we wanted them to forget the pain of the Filet O’ Fish so we dazzled them with a whole festival of seafood items. We tricked them and they took the bait, the campaign was a huge success achieving almost double its planned performance and five times its projected consumption rate which led to the sandwiches running out after a week before restocking them back!


February 11 2023


Outdoor Campaign


McDonald’s Kuwait