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At Media Market We help brands develop and implement integrated Media Solutions, digital marketing, social media, content, and influencer programs that deliver measurable business results.


We bring the best to you. We expect high-quality work from our team members, translating into high-quality work for our clients.


We constantly evaluate the productivity of the individual, the team, and the department while producing the end product for our clients.


We provide our customers with full access to our reporting software. Know your results. See how every hour is spent on your account in real time.


We work together because we know a group will always outperform one mind on its own.


Our team of professionals will work with you to design a strategy plan that is tailored to your organisation. We offer clients media solutions that covers all aspects of the media process from briefing to review of media plans, buying, purchasing controls, and setting relevant KPIs.

Strategic Media Planning

Every business is different. Therefore, they have different requirements, different objectives, different structures and working ethos.

We dig in to the roots of your business and carefully evaluate factors based on a huge variety of elements including pricing rates, demographics, psychographics and geographic analysis to ensure your media reach and to best optimize your budget.

Social Media

Our qualified team has more than 35 combined years of experience in business and technology.

We equip you with all the necessary tools to make social media work for any business and any industry, fast!

Strategic Media Buying & Reporting

Relations and the appropriate media mix are critical to any campaign success.

At Media Market, we have a strong relationship with key media channels and the experience to ensure that competitive prices are negotiated.

Through years of experience, our team has honed the skills required to negotiate the best prices for our clients and has developed the understanding of demographics in order to match the best advertising opportunity to reach your ideal prospect.

Marketing Communication Structure

We believe Marketing communications is not about impressions, but rather it is an important part of the overall experience. Driving traffic is one role of media, but its most important role is beginning a conversation that is paid off through robust, meaningful experiences that may live on traditional media as well as on the web, social channels, mobile devices, search engines or physical interactions.

Research Analysis & Evaluation

[Media Market] offers strategic media reports and research to assist agencies & clients to maximize their return on media investments, using IPSOS STAT, GFK & TGI software.

We provide the following media reports on quarterly, half yearly and yearly basis:

Media Consultancy

Media Market consultancy solutions are designed for organizations that are currently managing their own campaigns or haven’t yet started and are looking for guidance on how to correctly set the accounts up with some strategic direction.

Our flexible working means that you can commission us for as little as a one-off strategy and consultancy session to review and get you back on track or for a package program that runs over a period of time, offering hand-on, honest and professional advice as and when you need it.


We`re proud of our people, and their aspirations to succeed – We support the learning and development of every employee across all disciplines, equipping them with the latest communication, research and analysis tools to perform efficiently in their roles whilst preparing them for future opportunities within our organization.

George Khawam
George Khawam

Managing Director

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Jana Albanna

Digital Associate Media Director

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Zaher Shehayeb

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